About Entrepreneur Night Events

The event is organized on the last Tuesday of the month – except July, August, and December. Events now attract upwards of 200 participants from all segments of the business and startup community, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs. Events are FREE TO ATTEND, and appetizers are provided. Bring plenty of business cards.

How did it all begin?

The first Entrepreneur Night event was held in in September 2011, consisting mostly of clients and friends of the founders of Office Divvy ™ –a Palm Coast based Private Incubator and Growth Accelerator. Nearly 50 people attended the first event, multiple folks volunteered to keep it going as a monthly event as a grassroots effort for and by Entrepreneurs.


An Entrepreneur is a person who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. The word originates from old French, from the verb Entreprendre which means to undertake.

Pronounciation: \ˌäⁿn-trə-p(r)ə-ˈnər, -ˈn(y)u̇r\

Small Business is the most trusted group in America!

PEW: Small Business is the Most Trusted Group

According to a recently released study by Pew Research Center, Small Business is the most trusted institution in America.  Yes, it’s more than Churches. Colleges, Technology Companies; and obviously more than Labor Unions, Large Corporations, or the Congress!

PEW: Small Business Most Trusted but also the Most Ignored GroupBut Small Business is also the most neglected.

When asked about which groups got too much or too little attention from the government, Americans felt Small Business had the worst hand –that too little attention is being paid to Small Businesses.

According to the study, clearly Small business is one of the few groups Americans want to see more attention from the government.  For many, Small Business is recognized as the back bone of the business, the country and job creation.

So, let’s hope the elected officials will stop paying more attention to Wall Street and turn their attention to Main Street in the coming months…

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Read more from Rhonda Abrams’ column at USA Today: Listen up, government: Small business is most trusted group

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If you need help with your your existing Small Business contact:

In Flagler County: Palm Coast Business Assistance Center

In Volusia County: SBDC at Daytona State College

If you are in ideation stage for a new business or just starting up, or in web, tech, or green tech related industries contact: Office Divvy.