Tuesday, January 31st marked the first Entrepreneur night of 2017 held at New Europa. At this 49th event, we observed a record turnout of 203 people, 41 of which were brand new to the event.

Entrepreneur Night embraces first time attendees. We love welcoming newcomers to our event and  our telltale method of distinguishing the newbies from the veterans lies within a single piece of jewelry.

ent-night-peace-signEach Entrepreneur night newcomer is gifted a peace sign necklace to symbolize their first time at the event and to make others aware of the novices around them (we actually had a blog post about the peace signs at Entrepreneur Night, you can read it here: Peace, Love, & Networking)

Our true goal is to pick out the newcomers and find the the folks who are innovative, the people who stand out; the people with new ideas, doing new and interesting things.

Similar to our Entrepreneur night 5th anniversary, held at the Humidor Cigar Bar and Lounge, our January 2017 event was once again held in European Village, at the New Europa, a restaurant with a modern, bistro feel and outside space.

The simplicity of the space made it the perfect place to hold our event. We love holding our events at European Village, where many Palm Coast small restaurants, bars, lounges, and boutiques all reside. But also because the event was born in European Village back in 2011.

The perfect place to hold our entrepreneur event is at small businesses, owned by entrepreneurs themselves.

The January event was flocked to with all types of individuals, from authors to business owners to aspiring entrepreneurs and a plethora more. The diversity of our attendees is one of many reasons why our event is so appealing to small business owners in the area.

The beauty of Entrepreneur Night is its ability to serve as a platform for this cross-section of people to share their ideas. This is why the Entrepreneur Night event’s culture is open, inclusive, and at no-cost to attendees.

There are many different types of entrepreneur (read our Entrepreneur Glossary) that attend our events, from all different backgrounds, from mompreneurs to solopreneurs to youngpreneurs to silverpreneurs, to angel investors.

This being said, January’s Entrepreneur Night was a great start to the New Year!It was also a time for those to reflect on the past year and create goals for this upcoming one. Whether it be plans to expand business, or simply executing new visions, our event is a place to share ideas with others and gain inspiration from the creative minds that come together. Time and time again, we hear how Entrepreneur Night really gives people a time to converse with their peers and simply break away from business demands for a moment. Everybody needs that time to reflect and we should have it. Nothing should stop us from making this time for ourselves.

We want to give you that chance to break away. The last Tuesday of each month can be your time to reset, reconnect, and enjoy meeting people just like you that are doing interesting things in the community. Mark the last Tuesday of every month in your calendar to notify you of our next Entrepreneur Night.

We hope to see you soon!

Entrepreneur Night is a grassroots event for and by Entrepreneurs, which takes place the last Tuesday of each month – except July, August, and December at a different location and venue. It is free to attend. Complimentary appetizers are provided by the venue hosting the event as well as a cash bar. In each event you can expect to meet many new entrepreneurs, investors and service providers; and have meaningful conversations. You can check out the previous Entrepreneur Night events or RSVP to the Next Entrepreneur Night Event