The last Entrepreneur Night of 2017 was fantastic. People came from far and wide (per usual) to discover Bayne’s Barbeque in Flagler Beach and to meet intriguing entrepreneurs. We couldn’t forget to include that this Entrepreneur Night supported Flagler Beach, post #Irma.

This is not the first time Entrepreneur Night has been held in Flagler Beach. We are known for taking our amazing event “on the road,” so to speak. #EntNight has also been held in Deland, Daytona Beach, Bunnell, St. Augustine, Ormond Beach, and Palm Coast.

We are notorious for selecting locally owned venues for our events. It’s definitely in keeping with the mission to serve Entrepreneurs and Startups. That made Bayne’s Barbeque the perfect pick for our November 2017 Entrepreneur Night.

Here’s David Kuntz, the General Manager of Bayne’s Barbeque telling us why people keep coming back to Bayne’s. We really felt the love and the hospitality. Entrepreneur Night Guest were a buzz about the food and atmosphere.

Will The Barber, from On The Block Barbers tells us a little about his work and getting the word out when you move your location. From Bunnell to their chic location in Flagler Beach, they are now coincidentally just a few doors down from Bayne’s Barbecue! Will is known locally for his signature and classic haircuts.

Zach Cordell was spotted wearing a peace sign at Entrepreneur Night, signifying this was his first time attending the event (go Zach!). Zach, who to an extent lives a double life, teaches at Daytona State College by day and is launching his nutrition business by night. Extraordinary, right? He’s totally all about that #SideHustle.

Tommy Sines, who recently launched his business, Tangorang, told us a little about what it takes to get a brand new business off the ground. Soon his dry seasoning blends and sauces will be ready to purchase online and at local markets. Some of his signature sauces and rubs include “CC Low Country” and “Achur’s Mustard Sauce”, so be on the lookout for these in the near future.

The Entrepreneur Night creators at Office Divvy will take a break in December. But don’t worry just yet, we will return on the last Tuesday of Janurary! Keep an eye out for an announcement on where exactly the first 2018 event will occur. Don’t be afraid to snoop our Facebook Page to be in the know!

To see how this event turned out before your very own eyes, check out this short video that showcases the last Entrepreneur Night of 2017.


Entrepreneur Night is a grassroots event for and by Entrepreneurs, which takes place the last Tuesday of each month – except July, August, and December at a different location and venue. It is free to attend. Complimentary appetizers are provided by the venue hosting the event as well as a cash bar. In each event you can expect to meet many new entrepreneurs, investors and service providers; and have meaningful conversations. You can check out the previous Entrepreneur Night events or RSVP to the Next Entrepreneur Night Event