With a 2011 Startup rate of 380 per 100,000 adults, the State of Florida made it to the CNN-Money’s 10 Most Entrepreneurial States list.

Arizona was named a “sizzling spot” for Startups, with a 37% higher Startup Rate than of Florida’s –which is significantly higher even the rest of the list!  Texas, California, Colorado, Alaska, Missouri, Nevada, Vermont and Idaho all beat Florida, grabbing the number-2 to 9 ranks (actually Idaho ties with Florida in the “startup rate” criteria); but compared to Arizona every state in the nation is significantly behind.

According to the article Florida has become a magnet for Tech Startups as well as other small businesses.  The Space Exploration Technologies, (aka SpaceX) –which recently launched the first private delivery capsule to the International Space Station, is cited as an example.  Medical-Device Manufacturers, springing up in Fort Lauderdale area, is another example; along with Robotic Device-Makers catering to aerospace and defense companies are expanding around the state.

Small businesses now make up 75% of the state’s gross domestic product, is a great example of how Small Business and Startups are the real job creators.  Also significant is that 1 out of every 5 domestic exporters nationally are also based in Florida.

The high unemployment in the state is cited as a drag, but then again, on the positive side it’s also mentioned as a bigger labor pool for small employers.

Access the profile of Florida and the other 9 states in the list here:

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